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Posted:Just for myself of course, to the music. I've found a nice little trick to do with photon 2 lights.

1. Take an opaque white drinking straw, cut it down to about 3 or 4 inches long.
2. Use clear tape to fold over one end and tape it up.
3. Push the open end over the LED on a photon 2 light.
4. Use more clear tape to attach the straw to the photon light.
5. Voila, if you use the right amount of tape in the right spot, it is quite bright and can take a lot of abuse. And if the straw pops off, you're only out a few cents.


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Posted:also see: ping pong balls



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Posted:Also see bubble wrap, empty glowsticks, or, my new favorite...latex surgical tubing. Just shove the light up into the tubing and it both protects it and spreads out the light very nicely.

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