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Posted: tails keep on getting in the way of learning new things. They are continuously tangling up...and not just the regular wrap around each other kinda tangle......they tangle up so much that I spend half the time I'm spinning just trying to pry them apart. But they are so pretty and they make a nice sound when I spin...I guess I'll just have to double the amount of time I spin for . Any body else have this problem???

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Sunspot...I hate to say this, but not many of the human race have tails very often anymore...

You don't happen to live in a laboratory do you???

Sorry...couldn't resist that as that is what your post is saying in a grammatical way, feel free to harrass me by email...

Tails do add an extra dimension to daytime spinning, and make it harder too, especially if the tails are on the longer side rather than the shorter side.

If you are talking about poi rather than staff, here's my opnion on the uase of tails. The same goes for staff, but not to the same degree(and NOT with the swivels ).

Do your poi have swivels on them? If your tails are flat or like ribbons, then not having swivels will twist them up all of the time as the poi rotate whilst spinning.

The added frustration of tails can sometimes (depends who you are) be a hindrance to learning new moves. I suggest having some hardcore practise poi without tails to learn difficult moves with, so that they can be achieved initially. After that, it's a great teaching aide to use the tailed ones to smooth out the pattern and get it down solid.

Well that's my two cents.


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what charles said.

I occasioanlly forget and try to learn new moves with my tails.... that's sooo frustrating... trust me, non-tailed practice poi will make you happier when you learn new moves...

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New Hampshire has a point....

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If you need to, you can wrap the tails around the poi, then secure it with a rubber band. that way you can practice new moves without tails, then let them loose when you have the move down. (Original suggestion was from Dom I think, so credit there )

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i secured my tails with lacky bands this very morning, much easier! Although for some reason it hurts even more when u twat urself not sure why!

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I found that too! I think that because there's no drag from the tails they probably have added momentum which increases the 'OW' factor.

It's great to get this feedback on tails. I recently cut mine off because they were getting very tatty. I'm glad I had them for learning basic moves, though, as I'm sure they've made me a better poi-er. It's btb that's taken me to my limit with tails!

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