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protozoaBRONZE Member
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Location: Baltimore, MD USA

Hi everybody,I've been off the board recovering from an extended trip with pj to Burning Man '01! Sad to say he and I were the only calefaction folk who could make it all the way across the country, but oh boy I'm sure glad we did!I got to get back in touch with a ton of neat New York folks, meet some other locals, and spin with them and some other kickass spinners from Reno in the fire conclave before the man burned. Have you ever seen 200 poi, staff, fingers, jugglers all on fire and all spinning at the same time? It was a powerful spectacle, to say the least! The crowd was great too.
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Anyway, I strongly suggest checking it out if you've never gone and are itching to go next year.-proteAnyway, we also got to meet Josh and Kat, which was neat (sorry we couldn't chat with you guys a little more..the dust was killing me
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space cadetmember
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Location: Minneapolis

I miss the desert a great deal. I didn't get to spin fire for the first time like I'd hoped, but I probably need more practice before I do anyway. I didn't meet many fire dancers, but I had a really, really fabulous time. Other factors in my life are stressing me out a great deal lately, and all I want sometimes is to return to black rock city. i feel a sense of peace in that environment that I get few other places.

Fire Punkmember
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Location: Reno, NV, USA

I had a great time this yr as well. My three best friends went w/ me this yr, and they were all virgins. I was with the Reno group, and I have to agree, seeing all those people spin at the same time was awesome. )^(

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