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Posted:has any one ever seen thoes bike lights,there square and ther made to clip on when your bikeing(hints the name bike lights.well i have 2 and i was wondering if any one else has any ideas to use theese for.

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Posted:you could clip them onto your bike for riding at night... (
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Posted:Clip them on your baggy pants and play "raver for a day"?
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(Love to my ravers, I'm just jealous that I'm too old to play...)

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Posted:attach them to chains and set them ablaze!!attatch them to an unsuspecting car and follow the car until the batteries die!!attach it to an unsuspecting person and explain to them that it is a homeing device and you work for the secret service

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Posted:i used to use bikelights when i went to parties cuz it was cheaper than constantly buying glowsticks... i ended up using hair ties to tie the lights to the back of my fingers and worked out like that cuz i never got too comfortable with holding them in the palms of my hand... just do standard glowsticking stuff with 'em... i've considered clipping 'em on to strings, but they're so flimsy and frail, one accidental crack would shatter 'em. I once had one fall out of my pocket and the case broke into 10 different peices.... good thing they're $1.50/peice

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