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I have a few questions that I haven't been able to find answers to. They may seem trivial, but I'd really like to find out.Is there any difference in using, say, the blue-coloured ultra-pure lamp oil vs. clear (or even mixing them)?From what I've read about white spirit fuels, does Mineral Spirits burn the same/different as, say, Coleman fuel?Has anyone tried using something like isopropal or denatured alcohol for a fuel? I read somewhere that they could be used; although, they wouldn't give off much of a flame.The reason I ask is that a department store here is going out of business and having a sale. Having spent many days, now, reading up on fuels and fire safety, I'd really like to get things right since I am just beginning into using fire.(note to self: look at fire extenguishers when I go back to buy fuel.)------------------Deuteronomy 31:6John 15:9

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Dulce--Lamp oil can be stubborn to light. Depending on the humidity, etc, it may take a while to get them lit from a candle, though it can be done. If you really want to get a fast light, mix in a little bit of white gas/Coleman fuel and they'll catch immediately.Fresh wicks are harder to get lit with lamp oil than ones that are broken in, and they also take longer to soak--but still not very long. For your first 10 burns or so, a 5-minute soaking should be more than adequate.

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not a problem....and thank you for helping out with that...i didnt wnat to bring it up till i had some background and soild facts ya know? i apperciate it charles....jokker------------------'' not all who wander are lost'' J.R.R. Tolkien'' its better to burn out...then to fade away'' Def Leppard

its to dying in anothers arms and why i had to try it......

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Thanks for your reply Adamrice... Reading these columns made white gas pretty scarey... Especially for the first few spins. If used in a small quantity mixed with the lamp oil I imagine it is less of a problem?? I'' probably try with pure oil at first and see how it goes... I'll have some Coleman for backup.... Thanx again...

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ok i have no idea if any one still looks at this thread. where in the us is it possible to get fuel suttable for the tribal neon fuel dyes, and under what name is that fuel sold.

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check the other thread you asked in...


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