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Posted:Hi allI have done a search on this and found very little. I would like to start using throws in my routine, but i would have no idea where to start. Anyone got any ideas.ShotMOI

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Posted:Hi Fire Hazard,there are quite a few threads about throws actually. sunjects were Jggling with poi or Throwing poiz in the air (i posted that but don t exactly remember when)people like Pele or Bassman are pretty good at it I think and might help.Throwing is FUN, enjoy .shine oncassandra

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Posted:Funny, I just spent about 30 min practicing nothing but my throws today. There are juggling style ones, ones that are just airborne and ones that are the results of wraps...this is with poi. Staff is a simple release at a prime time. Release the end of a jump chain and it acts like a long whip (and can hurt), a meteor is amazing to release and catch in a which toy exactly were you looking at for this? Then I will decide which forum this thread really should be in!
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Posted:One of my poi burned out before the other last Fri, so I practised a throw with the other. I like them, but it can be hard to see the handle to catch in the dark.

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