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Posted:Does anyone have a problem with ball chain getting rusty?We have never had any problem with chain, or cable and ive left mine in some of the most undesirable places for metal and never had a problem, but the ball chain seems to start to rust even after only being used once and kept along side a set of chains!?

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Posted:Just to confirm what I've gleaned from this thread, if using ball chain get some rated 100lbs or more and try for stainless steel. Right? I was just in the hardware store yesterday, saw the stuff and immediately fell in love (sick to death of tangles and pinching). What do you reckon is the best way to attach ball chain to the handles and the wicks though?

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Posted:Tedward, where did you get your ball chain that is strong enough to pull your truck through the sand? I would like to use ball chain but it just doesn't seem strong enough.




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