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Damn I have to give big Kudos to this site, I never encountered poi before I saw a video of a guy with glowsticks attached to his chains at a rave, and I was instantly in love.. I went on a search online for this strange contraption and found this site.After reading a bit on this site yesterday I proceeded to make a "newbie poi" with old shoelaces and some old socks, and started the tutorials.The superb tutorials on this site have taught me to do everything up to the weave/chase in just a couple of hours of practicing. I have to say the tutorials and explainations on this site are really good.Thanks HomeOfPoi
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WOO HOO - a new spinner!Granted, I've only been doing it since June, but still!Have a great time with it - it's SOOOO MUCH FUN!!And, just WAIT until you feel comfortable enough to do it with fire! Talk about a charge!

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you are infected with the Poi virus...there is no cure. sorrySuper'welcome aboard------------------"When a Man Lies He Murders Some Part of the World These Are the PaleDeaths Which Men Miscall Their Lives All this I Cannot Bear to Witness Any Longer Cannot the Kingdom of Salvation Take Me Home"

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yeah! i also want to say i love this site.the other day i was feeling all sad a and useless because of the crap thats going on int he states so i took my cute canadian little ass downt o the peace rally ans spun white ribbons (to symbolize peace) and i made 10 bucks which i donated to the red cross.. it was only ten bucks but it helped.i span for 1 hour and 30 mins straight.. it was good. p.s i realized i dont know the weave yet i am a creaton.. *sigh*------------------A Faeries Heart Beats Fierce and Free!!!!!

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grande kudos!its good to acknowlege such a great site as this, last night i was pondering such thoughts also as i was sitting down and drawing fire designs. i have been especially inspired by fire recently, if you were to take a look at the margins of my notes you'd seem them covered with little poi people doodles. spinning is such a medatative sensation for me, my conscious mind takes a backseat and i just let my body move and simply savor the senasation of the momment. poi and fire are such wonderfully fun toys to play with, it even cooler to have an open forum like this site were fire folks all over the world can share ideas, questions, and knowledge of fire. its good to feel connected to the thousands of other fire folks out there who can relate to the art of spinning. thanks once again HOP for having such a great site!

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Thanks. HOP is a real team effort from lots of people. Diane, Woody, Xaeda, Pele, Flash, to name a few and many many others who are passionate about these arts and have helped us and others to become better in all ways of life.

May your balls always burn

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And indeed, what a team ! but what would it be without you Malcolm !!!!
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A warm welcome to the HOP, Lego !SHine onCassandra

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