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Posted: i just want to know if it is possible to make a Fire Sword. i know that you could get a pole and wraped it up in kevlar but when you hit the other sword wouldn't it destroy the kevlar. so if any one can help that would be great.thanks pete

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Posted:Recently made my first Fire Sword and performed a bit with it. I used an inch diameter alum. tube with the blade bit hammered flat, then left enough for a two hand handle at the end round. I flattened a small alum. tube and used self drilling screws to attach it as a hand guard and taped up the handle, wraped about 28" length of sword with 1/8 kevlar with self drilling screws, and left 6 inchs to the guard bare. Love it.
The only problem is the balance is a bit off especially when it's soaked. the blade is solid if I hit the sharp edge but bends out of shape if I hit the flat side. Any tips out there?


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Posted:with a extensive wicking over a blade, it's worthwhile not to stay too long in stances that require the blade to be pointed down.
this prevents hair from growin on your hands ever again.
with hairless hands, i am half a man, with shaky virility
please help me.

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Posted:If u wrap juggling knives in kevlar u can have juggling knives that are flamable. These can double up as Fire Swords. Drill two holes in the body of the knife and just bolt a strip of Kevlar on each side and there u go. Problem solved.

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Posted:NO! Problem started!
Sorry Pyro...but you just described a way to get seriously burnt hands for most juggling knives...

FIRST have a look at the handle, does the blade go all the way through the handle, with two pieces on either sifelike a ham sandwich? Most juggling knives are made this way as other forms of construction are likely to come apart after repeated drops!

If yes, then the blade will heat up quickly and it will be hard to notice until you have burnt the inside of your palms.

Now burns are bad enough, but what happens if drop them because they are too hot? Will you be able to pick them up again if they land near something flammable? Or will it take you a minute or two, with burned hands, to grab the fire extinguisher and put them out?

This sounds like a good idea, but if the blade is a part of the handle, then its sound slike a recipe for disaster...

In my opnion of course...

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Posted:i am looking for videos of Fire Swords...
i watch star wars to learn some new tricks !
i don t know anybody around that makes this kind of stuf and incendium doesn t seem to work...

help me please