Posted:I don't think anything has been posted about this, and yes before you ask i did search the topic.Tonight i was looking through my dads electronics product sheet looking for some cheap stuff to make LED light poi, when i is an interesting product. 4" UV BLACKLIGHT GLOWSTICK. they cost $4.95 in aussie dollars, and from what i can see they only come in 4" size at the moment, and from the looks of the picture, they are CYALUME too. This is bringing a lot of WICKED A$$ images into my head. The mag is Jaycar and it has a website too, i haven't checked it out yet, but i will tomorrow, if you need the product number to find it on the site it's ST-3175, but it is a new product so it might not be in there yet. anyway, i'm going, catch ya's laterFire pretty

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Posted:Are you sure about the product number?I put it in the search engine but there's no product with that number.


Posted:yeah i check if it was in it before, and i couldn't find it, but i'll keep checking when i get a chancefire pretty


Posted:The Jaycar site has been updated, so the uv glowsticks are on the site now


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Posted:cool, there's a jaycar store in Ringwood (only bout 30 mins away), i'll have to check it out, they sound cool for twirling at raves etc where there are those huge UV cannons, but do they only last about 8 hours like other cyalume products? because that seems a waste when u could just make your own poi with white or fluro fabric which would then last ages and still glow under UV, and isn't the idea behind UV that it reflects light where as cyalume create their own? hope to find out more about them soon.

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Posted:surely UV glowsticks produce uv light rather than reflect it...and this would be... interesting... but not that great, i mean, you wouldnt be able to see them for a start...

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Posted:A friend of mine is buying a couple this weekend, so i'll tell ya what they look like and hopefully get a couple of photos tooFire = Pretty


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