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Posted:Hey,recently me and three guys came together to create Serpentice Fire Circus and have a gig coming up in five months. We have a few routines worked out where two of us twirl for about five minutes and then other people come on and take the stage and we have some ensemble routines that go for around ten minutes. But what i was wondering is if we are going to perform in the street at this gig what would be best, to do one show (and make it go for half an hour) or move around from place to place (coz its at a festical) and do a few twenty minute shows throughout the night? And how long do you usually twirl for before changing to your other toys? As in do you do one staff routine, when that goes out come straight out with poi or what? I've got poi, single staff and some glo stuff so what can i do to make an intresting combination. Go staff, glo, poi, staff etc? What do you people who perform tend to do? Anyone with any advice or experience in this field would be greatly appreciated!!!:Chotys:

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Posted:Five months! That's is so much time to prepare, I'm insanely jealous...For myself, i prefer a rotating show for large crowds with a high audience turnover during the set.For a low turnover, especially if I'm ona stage or lots of people sit down to watch, it feels better doing several 15-20min sets.What you may find is that as there is several of you, you could well do continous sets without getting too tired, but make sure there are different people in the audience when you start to repeat.You probably know what the average audience appreciates and what they don't. IE tricky 5 beat weaves and close tucks etc are hardly even noticed by most people. If not, do some busking or get some friends to watch and keep note of the things they really notice. Use these as your main building blocks and avoid the difficult tricks that you may drop with, especially if they won't even notice that it is any harder...Well, there's my .02c------------------Charles (INFERNO)newdolbel@hotmail.com

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