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melissaBRONZE Member
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is it possible to post pictures in a discussion thread? if so it would be cool so that the hard to describe object/image is easier to understand. i don't know how this web page is set up or how computers work at times but if there is a way it would be cool. it might be more trouble than it's worth but who knows.

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I think its possible to post images on the message board but remember if youre going do it keep it to a minimum. People dont want to wait ages for a page to load with a image they dont want to see. I would say its better to put a hyperlink to where the picture is.

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It is possible, but you'll have to upload the picture to the Internet somewhere else first. Since you can set up a Geocities or Tripod web page for free, you could just use that as a holding pen for your image files.When you want one of those images to appear in your post, you'll place it using the "IMG" tag. You'll need the exact address of the photo you uploaded, and place that in your post like this:[ IMG][ /IMG] The IMG tags tell the forum software to treat that as an image and include it on the page. I've put spaces after the left-brackets so the system *won't* interpret them here--you should type them without spaces.Or, to save readers from the added time of downloading an image they might not want to see, you can just put in the link to the image without bracketing it in IMG tags. Those who want to see it can still click on it and bring it up.[This message has been edited by adamrice (edited 24 September 2001).]

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I agree with Tlight. Posting links is better than having to download images in the discussion group thread.It is 27 hops from my workstation to the HOP server and a busy times that makes my connection to the site quite slow!while we are on the subject, the first fire pic of me has made it to the web! 20.jpg is me! fun!Woody

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You can post smilies too

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is that smiley face and offer?------------------the music feeds my soul that glows and grows with every spin i take.

the music feeds my soul that glows and grows with every spin i take.

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