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hi a gentleman got in contact the other day, going by the name charles dolbel. he got me thinking on an idea. im an amateur pyrotechnitian and he asked if there was a way to light a staff, or clubs, or poi, or whatever you want to light with a wick, without holding it over the flames. i want to brainstorm this cos i have some ideas but i was wondeing if anyone has any brainwaves. I considered it and you need a powder that flares quick and hot. You can buy, quite cheaply, things called portfires from pro fireworks companys that do diy direworks for you to buy. just look in the phone book ander fireworks. Portfires are long card tubes filled with flare powder and have a way handle at the bottom. when lit they burn with a short blue flare thats quite hot. Now, the next bit is the naughty part. if you open one up you have a large amount of powder. if you warm your wicks up by lighting them in the usual way before a perfomance and use slightly warmed parafin or other fuel, then let them dry until their slightly damp. Then cover with the powder. the next part is the hard bit. I would suggest blackmatch, but thats not available to non trade so you need a hot burning fuse to wrap around the wicks on top of the powder and down to the grips, which would then be lit by hand in some manner.I havent tried this but if anyone can add some ideas to the last part i would be grateful------------------Embrace the power of firewith boths arms, then run screaming to the burns unit

Embrace the power of firewith boths arms, then run screaming to the burns unit

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actually you can get it in smiths - but i don't think its called sticky back plastic, always has a red square backing paper thing - prob want some of that for your staff

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Note on capacitors, THEY WILL NOT WORK WIRED IN SERIES as soon as the first one charges, the circuit is open. THERE IS NO WAY AROUND THIS capacitors can only be wired in parallel thats it.

p.s. a huge ass capacitor can be made like this

-- = aluminum foil
:: = waxed paper

then just roll the sucker into a tube and use, amke sure you don't short it

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