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Greetings fire fam, I was out at the beach as usual, but got too close to the water for my own good. One of my dear cathedral wicks took a dunk. So I resoaked it with more fuel, and with the aid of my other, burned most of the water off. But... here is where youll laugh, A fellow dancer from germany caught the action and came over. Way cool meeting another person out of the blue. She needed fuel though, and I had barely enough left to resoak mine after my last burn to preserve the kevlar. So what do I do? I soaked em in water...
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to prevent the smolder, and let her have the rest of my kero. I have them soaking in more fuel now of course, but didnt let them dry out. So my question... what should I do? Take them out and let them dry, or just try to burn when next I spin? Many thanks in advance everyoneBlessing to all


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The best idea is to spray them with something life WD40 or RP7 as this dispells water and burns off without a problem. That aside, just light them up, the heat from the burning fuel will dry then out although they will crackle and sputter for a while if your wicks still have water in them.

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I would just let them air out for a few days. That's all it takes for the water to evaporate.

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WD40 or CRC? Awesome idea Pyrothump! I'd always thought it wouldbe too smelly or maybe burn too badly to use them, but if they arent that great!I left my staff in a friends garage once, where it leaked on it for two days solid. I was still getting steam coming out of it for weeks afterwards.
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If you have a lot of wick and they get soaked through, I'd have to agree that using a displacement chem is the only fast way to fix it. Otherwise the insoluble fuels permeate the outside of the wick and rpevent the water in the center from escaping too quickly.
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Great tip...And Xochidance, you must be a wonderful person to give your last few drops of fuel to a stranger. you rock!
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