Posted:just a question as to what sort of poi (heads)people are using. almost all i have seen have been tennis balls inside sock and tail and a few, one actually of a very short bation type thing on the lines of a "fire (poi)head" with tail. are there other options and what do you prefer?

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Posted:Well, I myself use spent glow-sticks. I wouldn't recomend that though. Those things have sharp edges!Tennis balls seem to be the practise implement of choice around here and I'd agree that they would be the safest, most durable, and most simmilar alternative to the real thing. Other then that, I guess anything on a string will work. That'd leave... limitless possibilities! Have fun
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Posted:I'm using tennis balls for practise at the moment but I'm working on a design for those foam tennis balls you get as a kid because a tennis ball in the nuts REALLY hurts!Basically I'm making the asme cuts on the foam ball as on tennis balls but hollowing out some of the centre to add a small weight. Then off you go - foamy and fun, plus they won't stop my pro-creational activities!Bean bags are good too - a site I found yesterday is doing "Buzz" poi which are basically bean bags with a 2-3 foot UV tail - well nice!------------------"We are all of us in the gutter but some of us are looking up at the stars."

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Posted:Mainly either glowsticks or kevlar wicks (mild fire snobery)

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Posted:I use tennis ball poi that I have threaded nylon (like thick boot lacing) through with a crochet hook.It was the cheapest and most effective way to make them. The entire process took me about 10 min to make them. The hardest thing to do was puncturing the tennis balls. I found that a good wood screw works best for that.
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Posted:shoelaces and tenis balls wrapped in socks

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