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Yeah, so it's been a couple weeks since I visited the HOP and I finally got my scholarship money in *woohoo*. Anyway, I wanna blow some of it responsibly and so I thought "Fire on metal spinning at high speed around my body, or the full anthology of Plato/Socrates? hmmm...FIRE POI!!"To my dismay, when I went to the HOP shop, I noticed that there is no more Fyre Fly Poi. Why is it gone? Also, how good are those cathedral wicks? Why are they good or bad? I'm 6'1" and therefore have relatively long arms and like to make larger circles when i spin. The longest set sold here is only 2'4". I may need longer and/or adjustable lengths for my chains/cords. Please give me answers and/or suggestions.One more thing: Someone posted earlier about a safer kerosene substitute. ClearLite i think it's called. How has it been working for whoever is using it?Thanks so much,eepok/RamonUC Irvine, Ca, USA

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