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Posted:Hi everyone, I'm a newbie and was hoping someone might help me out. I just purchased my first fuel to spin fire. It's dyed a blue color and labeled as smokeless and odorless candle and lamp oil. I just read that this fuel is even more carcinigenic than kero but I'm a bit confused because it also says that it is 99% pure liquid wax paraffin. I was under the impression that paraffin was one of the least harmful fuels. This may be a silly question, but should I be worried about the other 1 percent? If so, any reccomedations for my first light-up?-Gabi

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Posted:Be sure to read the context in which that was stated -- it was most likely in reference to fire manipulation and blasts, not as a poi/staff fuel. Putting fuel in your mouth is a completely different ball of wax that burning it on wicks about your body.And yes, for poi/staff spinning, lamp oil is one of the safest fuels you can use.-p.


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