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Posted: Guys, I queried about prices on Photon II's and they said:In response to your query concerning the very cheap Photon IIs, I have contacted the manufacturer and they assure me that this is a stockist who is blacklisted by them and most manufacturers, and will not be receiving Photon products in the future apparently. Anyway, we expect to have the Photon IIs up on our site in the next week at most. They are likely to be priced at 15.00 each including free delivery, with the Photon RAV'N torches available at 25.00 each.What are we to make of this...?------------------"O! for a muse of fire, that would ascend the brightest heaven of invention." - William ShakespeareCheck out my Online Gallery! Å Ĉ К я

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Posted:Is it known why they are blacklisted?------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...

Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir
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Posted:and will they be honouring existing orders?is the stock they've been providing genuine?hmmmmm...... mine are supposedly winging their way to Australia right now, they'd better be ridgy didge!Finn


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Posted:They're probably in trouble for undercutting the retail price by so much... you get the same phenomenon with car audio stuff... manufacturers have a big interest in making sure that the same prices are charged more or less everywhere, so the stores charging more don't get pissed when they lose business to the lower overhead operations. Botach is probably happy charging close to wholesale and making it up in volume. This pisses of other distributers who want to charge retail who then complain to Photon and get them "blacklisted"Botach is causing a short circuit between the manufacturer and consumer... I ran into the same issue with the Zuni Poi which I get wholesale... Steve really doesn't like it when I sell for less than full retail because it hurts his other dealers...That or maybe it's because they have Uzis for sale
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Posted:I just received my order from biotactical today. And I'm really not all that impressed with them. I ordered 4 glowsticks (no doubt they have a cheap price), but they rip you off in shipping. Also, the order took 2 weeks to come. I wouldn't order from them again.


Posted:Talking of I just checked out there site and they are selling the strobe and ribbon RAV'Ns for 25.00 including delivery, and the Photon IIs for 15.00 with free delivery.Everything I have ordered in the past from them has come pretty quick so I think I'll go for them


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Posted:SPAM, i ordered for Finn and Im now getting at least 2 emails a day from them :/grrrrrrrr

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Posted:i ordered 60 glowsticks from them less then a week ago and got them today. i also receieved my photons/ravn lights with no problem. shipping is kind of expensive but besides that.. i've always have good luck with them.


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