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Posted:I was down at the beach two nights ago, and for the first time, saw a man doing Poi. Needless to say, I was simply blown away. I Needed to do this. So, I finally figured out what it was called, and ended up here. Now, the hard part. I think it's best to start out with a fire poi set, since that will prevent me from having to purchase a fire set when I'm ready to move to fire. But...there seems to be two equally similar fire pois for sale. The Pure Flame, and the Fyre Fly. Does anyone have any opinion on which is a better poi? Also...the staff intreques me...but the one I want, the "Twirling Fire Stick" seems way too short. I'm 6'4", and I don't think it'd look too impressive being only 3 feet long. Thanks in advance, Matt

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Posted:Matt--Staff size doesn't really have much to do with body size. I know a few people who spin staff, and the largest of them (former football player) uses the shortest staves. It's a matter of taste--you have slightly different moves available to you with a long staff vs short (a lot depends on whether you can get the staff under your arm), and a short staff is easier to twirl fast.Trust me: a big guy spinning a short staff close to his body looks impressive. A petite woman spinning a big staff in huge arcs also looks impressive.I can't speak with authority on the different poi sold via this site, but just taking a cursory look at the pictures, it seems the two have slightly different construction. One uses a clip that allows you to detach the wick, the wicks seem to have slightly different construction, as do the grips.

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Posted:Funk,Take it from me and probably everyone else who replies, you want to have something other than the fire poi on the end as you are practicing. I dont know the diff on the 2 types, but make sure you can detach the wick and attach a sock or something else for practice, that will allow you to have the same hand grips and chains but wont hurt as bad when you clock yourself. RE: Height and staff size, anything on fire is impressive, just make sure it feels right to you. LaterCode



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Posted:Here ya go, check out this thread which is located in the FAQ shop:
difference between the two products is discussed there under the "Products" category. Hope this helps and Code is exactly right about suggesting that you buy or make a set of practice poi first. Besides being less painful and bulky, using practice poi will prevent you from damaging your wicks b4 u even get the chance to light up.

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Posted:First thing to note is that both of these fire poi sets use stainless steel wire instead of chains and use the same quality kevlar wicking. The "Fyre Fly fire poi" set however has a more options for grips, and the wick (standard 500mm length wraped around aluminium tube) is attached by screws which allows for cheaper replacement of wick. It also comes in a wider number of lengths, and free backup when you've ordered the wrong length. The "Pure flame" set has nylon finger loops for grip, and the wick head is stitched into a roll. It has 500mm of wick on each head. We sell replacement heads which are more expensive than buying standard kevlar belt on its own. Bonus is that you don't get burnt by screw heads. The 102mm head gives a much larger flame. It is available in only set lengths. Hope that helps
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Posted:I personally did not have a special set of practice poi. I resigned to clocking myself occasionally painfully. Needless to say starting the way I did will probably build your pain tolerance a wee bit. I did use some tennis balls for about maybe 5 minutes total but the weight is all wrong so I gave them to the 7 year old girl next door.I went occasionally to my mate for advice (cause he's been doing it for donkeys years) ... and very occasionally because I learn best when alone. However I did jump straight into lighting up, armed with natural fibre not loose clothes and a head wrap. And hitting myself etc etc. The only time I really set myself on fire was when my cutoffs (and I'm sure this happens to 1000s of ppl all over the world!) were not hemmed and the loose cotton strands went up like straw.

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