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Posted:greetings! i need to purchase a fire extinguisher for performing and i am wondering what type you peeps out there use and recommened. i have heard two different types are good (type ABC and CO2). i know some fire extinguishers are harmful to humans if you are in the same room when they are sprayed tho. does anyone know which kind is the 'harmful human' kind. in my research, i have also learned that it seems ALL fire extinguishers leave a hell of a mess after use so i guess only use it if you really need it (or if you are in serious danger of being burned of course). just be prepared to clean up a BIG mess afterwards. anyway, please let me know which type of extinguishers you use and prefer.cheers, sierra~------------------

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Posted:Hey there Sierra, nice to see you are being so safety concious!Okay...the ABC of a fire extinguisher is what it can be used on...A: trash, wood, paper B: Liquids and grease and C: electrical equipment. That is a fire extinguisher that is pretty well great for all things, especially what we do.I have a 3lb First Alert Dry Chemical extinguisher Classification 1-A:10-B:C, never had to use it though *knocks on wood*. No extinguisher should be used on a person les than 6 feet away and not in a person's face. Good for body though (meaning it won't frostbite a person, correct me if I am wrong someone but isn't the CO2 extinguisher the frostbite causing one?), just have the person cover his/her face with his/her hands.Anyway, this is the fire extinguisher that was approved by my local fire department for my fire performances. You can get it from your local home depot store or from a discount Wal-mart K-mart type store. Depending on the size you get they run $15 to $60.Best to you!
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Posted:I generally carry out a fire extinguisher to our fire gatherings, but it is generally there to keep the PD/FD happy if they show up. ;-) I really only expect to use it should a Poi wick go flying or should the fuel depot go up. For cases where a person is on fire, I really think a wet towel or Fire Blanket is a much better way to go.I think I've got the same one Pele has: First Alert 3 lb. 1-A:10-B:C. Shop arround, I paid less than ten bucks at Home Depot. If you really expect to *use* your extinguisher, I *strongly* recomend that you get two, and use one of them to experiment with.-p.


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