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I had my firestaff made by a friend and i bought my firepoi from a shop. The former have unbelievably loose wicks, and the latter extremely tightly bound ones... the loose ones are much more fun (and CRAZY for the burnoff! WHOOOMPH!!!) but very hot as i use a 100cm staff... but apparently loose ones are bad and wear out... or something? The tight ones burn for quite a long time but are harder to light and dont have very big flames... they aren't very impressive when i spin fast...Can/shall I loosen the wicks on the poi? And er... how would i do that? Unscrew and undo one wrap? or something?------------------Blackie

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My simple answer is right in the middle. Loose enough so they hold a good amount of full. Tight enough so they stay put.

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Blackbird if you use loose wicks they do give you a bigger brighter flame but they do have draw backs.Since more fuel is burning your time alight will be much less, if you use tight wicks you can burn for twice as long.If your using expencive kevlar wicks your going to go through a lot of money as loose wicks will discintigrate in no time.Its all personal prefarence. But tight wicks last longer, I sugest tight 4 inch wicks as they have huge flame and last for ages!------------------The Sand...The Surf... The Flame.

The Sand...The Surf... The Flame.

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Although my experience has been with poi wicks, not staff wicks, I believe that excessively tight wicking can retard the movement of fuel from the inside to the outside so much that your wicks go out before you come close to burning all the fuel they've absorbed.My guesstimate is basically what Diana said: you want the wicking to be snug--not loose, but not stretched taut either.

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