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eepok 6 posts
Location: Irvine, CA, USA

hey chotys, a photon is a small and powerful LED light that is usually used at raves to liquid dance with. To add a little flare to the show i connect photons to the strings or chains that i have my glowsticks attatched to , flip the switch, and awe the crowd. It's really good, say, to throw in if you're entering the contest here.
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Chotys 91 posts

Thanks eepok,I have seen glo sticks on poi and staffs but I am yet to see photon lights but i have heard that they look really good.Bye:Chotys:

Knagi 397 posts
Location: Brunswick, Ohio

If I were to put the money in for these cool ass lights which weapon should I put it on poi or staff? I've heard they are really fragle and I made some led's from the designs here and they took a mad beating when I just took them to a bar for an hour I couldn't imagine putting them though a 10 hour rave. I just started the staff and I'm dropping it alot after I get better and drop less would they last awhile if I mounted them in the end of a staff?

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Marlboro 180 posts
Location: St.Annes, Lancashire, England

Sounds cool,Never heard of these, is there any pics of them on the web?L8ersM

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SupaflyBRONZE Member
173 posts
Location: Charlotte, NC, USA

Marlboro, check under Technical Discussion thread "Rav N Lights" I think there's a link there to a company that sells them and some comments about that companies service. They have pics on their webpage.

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pj 277 posts
Location: Baltimore, Maryland, USA

the official site for photon lights is:
you can find all sorts of other info and suppliers at:

SupermanBRONZE Member
829 posts
Location: Houston, Texas, USA

just make sure you buy the kind that has the on and off switch as well as a thumb switch.I like to atatch them to my glowsticks with keyrings. You get a longer, sharper trail of light mixed with the stick.Very fun to playwith"S"------------------"When a Man Lies He Murders Some Part of the World These Are the PaleDeaths Which Men Miscall Their Lives All this I Cannot Bear to Witness Any Longer Cannot the Kingdom of Salvation Take Me Home"

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jamie 21 posts
Location: Hillsborough, San Francisco, California, USA

nice work supafly, this whole forum should be moved to RAV'N lights, for those of you posting above, RAV'N lights are photon lights that strobe from green to red to green to blue to red to blue.... they cost 19.95 each plus (sales tax and shipping charges very for location)[This message has been edited by jamie (edited 21 July 2001).]