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Posted:I've just bought my first Fire Poi and had one spin with them. Most of my questions have been answered on this apart from storing Fire Poi. Until now I have just kept them wrapped in a partially wet towel. This means fuel leaks into the towel and the wicks get a bit wet.I was wondering how other people store them ready for use. Am I meant to store them as dry as possible or with a bit of fuel on? And is the towel a good idea or instead a sealable pot for transportation? Unfortunatly I cannot detach the actual wicks.Sorry for bringing up such a 'remedial` question but wherever I search I couldn't find what you guys did with Poi.ThanksRufus

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Posted:Hi.I store my wicks in fuel, inside paint cans. I've tried mason jars, but the fuel eats the rubber seals and fuel gradually leaks or evaporates out and stinks up my house.For airtight seals and durability, paint cans are the biz. You can buy empty ones at most paint stores. I just bang the lids shut with a hammer and use a screwdriver to open them. I can store these right in my house without everything getting all stinky.The trick of it is, I have removable heads on my Poi. I use the same set of chains for several heads. That way I can keep different heads soaked in different fuels and color mixes, or use the practice heads. I'd really recommend getting interchangeable heads. It makes storage a whole lot easier, and you're able to get used to one set of grips. Right now I've just got split rings, but I find if I'm doing a long set, my thumbnails get sore from the repeated changes. If I can find some linking hardware that I trust not to let flaming debris fly off into the audience, I'll be adding them.I've heard it said that it's better to store the wicks wet. It definitely saves time as far as soaking before use.MO' DEFINITELY dunk your wicks in fuel as soon as possible after every burn. Otherwise the wick will keep smouldering and won't last nearly as long.Hope this helps.-Rick

-Rick aka Loki
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