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Posted:I just had an idea, it'd be really cool if someone built a square room made entirely of mirrors. On one wall there would be a one way mirror to allow photographing and making movies, but inside it would be compleatly reflective. I dunno if you'd want to spin fire inside something like that, but high intensity glowsticks or Rav'n lights might look cool.Unfortunantly, I dont have the money, or space to build something like this, but maybe some of you richer peeps might
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If anyone has actually tried this Id really like to know how it looks

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Posted:you that would be cool.. i was twirling in a very small room @ a club (i guess like the cage dancing area thing maybe) and it looked cool, but i didnt have the photographers and all that...where do u live in MD? do u have parties out there?



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Posted:bhawk: Already been done -- it's called a dance studio. Many are designed specifically so you can see yourself from all angles while you are practicing.-p.


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