Posted:what is the best way to put out your wicks when done spinning so you can easily relight them later?

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Posted:Smother them with a damp towel.

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Posted:Be sure it's damp and not wet. There's issues with steam if you use a wet towel.
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A thick, dry wool blanket will smother poi also. Just be sure to smother tightly.Either way they usually go out pretty quick.------------------"Except for that Mrs. Lincoln, How did you like the play?"

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Posted:Personally, I just spin my wicks until they go out. It's probably the worst thing you can do for the life of your wicks, but since I build all my own gear that isn't really much of a problem for me. I have *easily* a few hundred burns on one of my older wicks with no visible sign of problems due to burn outs like this. I'm going to need to replace the kevlar due to wear and tear from concrete *long* before the fibers wear due to any fire damage.When I'm really on and don't happen to have an extra pair soaking (or someone else lit up with the pair I put in the can to soak) I just drop one burning wick into the kero, soak it for 15 seconds, light it from the other wick still burning, dunk the other burning wick, and then light that from the first. With practice, it is a 30 second procedure and your heartrate barely has a chance to slow down. Again, I don't really recomend this because it *can* lead to catostrophic disasters. A good friend of mine showed me the melted bucket she saved when this trick went bad while spinning alone on her rooftop. She *nearly* burned the place down, but got things under control before the guys in the *three* fire trucks on the street made it up to the roof. Needless to say, you DO NOT want to do this with white gas!-p.



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Posted:I just spin 'em until they go out, too. For some reason, I tend to be pretty lucky about both wicks going out nearly at the same time -- I rarely have one still going after the other one's died. So when I see them getting low, I just go into some kind of really fast spin, and they both pretty much go "Poof!" at almost the same moment. It looks pretty good, and I figure Kevlar isn't that expensive. (I also make my own equipment.)




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Posted:i ewither spin mine out, or i can usually muster up the lung power to blow them out.with my tin can poi this is impossible becouse if you blow you get a large ball of flame in your face... fun and it often removes eye brows/ lashes so i have to use a towel for them------------------moo? ... is that it?

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Posted:i was told you can dunk em in kerosene real fast is that is what you are using for fuel and they will not light the fuel is this true?------------------If I were a bird....I'd probably be dinner...

If I were a bird....I'd probably be dinner...


Posted:If you put them in parrafin when it is cold as long as it covers the hole wick it will go out the only proplem is the fuel starts to heat up with constint dipping which cause vapours. which ignites very easily, if you do use this method use a metal container for the fuel and a fire blanket which you will need. i personly make sure the flame is out before dipping, well i do now, the damp towel seems i good idea ------------------Twist for the joy of it.


Posted:hi i just spin it out, blow it out or pass it to a friend or some one new wanting to have a go (so they have a small flame first up).with poi i find that it dosen't stay lit for long if your like me and spin it fast


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