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Posted:I got into the whole twirling thing because of glowsticking but I picked up a set of poi along the way to practice with in the day time and now I have a serious problem. I am literally twice as good with the poi than I am with the glowsticks and I feel as though it all has to do with weight. With the poi I don't have to exert myself as hard to perpetuate the spin because they are a lot heavier and feel more balanced. Because of that it seems to me as though I have more time to think myself through a routine and I have much more control and flow.My question is what can I do about the glowsticks? I love my raves and I can't take a set of poi (beaming or other) and *especially* not fire inside so I am left with glowsticks on strings. Does anyone have any suggestions about how I might go about balancing them out/weighing them down? Do I just need more practice with them? It seems like when I do more complicated motions that require me to slow the spin of one down in order to transition that it just wants to fall off and I lose tons of flow having to almost jerk it back in its path. Argh! Help!!
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Posted:well you can clip glowsticks onto comet/zuni poi...if you dont want the tails you can roll them up around the bean bag/tennisball and secure with rubber bands or string...having never really twirled with just glowsticks i find them impossibly lightweight, and you have to twirl them a lot faster than i would normally spin poi to keep them going...and i just read you can't have poi...theres always lead fishing sinkers though those hurt unless you pad them with something...if you add more weight remember the strength of your string so you dont end up with it snapping and lead sinkers flying off into the crowd.cheers,Pere[This message has been edited by Peregrine (edited 27 June 2001).]

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Posted:I had the same problem. I started out with poi though, and then tried stix, and didnt even want to continue cause they were so light. I ended up making a set of strings, actually 1/8" nylon rope, attached to double finger grips, with hooks at the end, like giant versions of necklace hooks. I attached like 3 or 4 stix on these, all dead except for 1 or 2 sets. This gave me enough weight to feel comfortable doing certain moves and to help maintain my flow.


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Posted:I typically just clip glow sticks onto my streamer poi, since I started spinning streamers before glowsticks.However, I ran into a very similar situation when I started spinning sparklers. ;-)My first attempt at sparkler poi was just one of my swaged aircraft cables from fire poi. This was just insanely too light. I had a bunch of washers laying arround in a jar, so I added them to the swivel clip. This made things better, but not quite good enough.About the same time, I had picked up some choke chains, and discovered that you can actually twirl chains with no weights on the end at all. Nonetheless, I wound up putting a (steel) carabiner on the end the results are wonderful. The weight is good, and the spent sparkers are *so* easy to remove! This is not to mention the fact that I can carry the chains and a decent stash of sparkers in my pocket to whip out at a moment's notice -- most convenient given the upcoming US holidays. ;-)I'm sure you could do something similar for glowsticks. Maybe try some lead fishing weights, or of you want some more control, pick up a roll of plumbing solder. With solder, you can cut various lengths until you get exactly the weight you desire.If none of this works or strikes you fancy, just head your local mega corporate hardware store and wander the isles. Trust me, if you have any imagination at all, you will get all sorts of ideas. ;-) And if you get any particularly good ones, be sure to share them with the rest of us!-p.


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Posted:I advise caution with fishing sinkers. I had exactly the same complaint as Lamar--glowsticks aren't heavy enough--so I made some weights using sinkers, foam padding, and duct tape (to wrap the padding). Well, I guess I didn't use enough padding (although I used a lot) because I beaned myself and it hurt like a sonofabitch. More padding would make it hurt less, and would also make it less aerodynamic--meaning it would be harder to get up to high speeds. With the weights I made, I barely had to shrug my shoulders to get up to a very high speed.

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Posted:Oh yeah, Adam, I know *exactly* what you mean. ;-) My LED poi are basically a 9V battery wrapped in bubble-wrap and duct tape. They are quite padded, yet I sustained my worst poi injury to date while spinning them -- I smacked myself square in the eye and was blind for a few minutes.I really think it was the high-speed spinning that got me. I am so much more familiar with spinning my fire poi which are much heavier and on longer cables. It is just so easy to get out of control when spinning so quickly.-p.

Posted:erm dude.either use 8 inch glowsticks, or several 6 inchers. keep adding glowsticks til you are comfy. I *bet* several 8 inchers on each end will be heavier than your poi.good luck.Josh

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