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hi i am just atarting to get into the hobby of fire breathing and was wondering if anybody knew of any good pages that went through the safety precautions and step by step in training oneself how to do this? i am very interested and will try anything.thanks, Matt

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Please please be careful!Try not to "give anything a go" when firebreathing is involved...It's been the death of several very experienced and gifted performers.Do a search, using the search funtion on this BB, there are lots of safety points discussed but don't take every piece of advice as true, this is an open forum BB and even 5 year olds can have an input without us being any the wiser.Overall, though, please keep in mind a few points.
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Every fuel that is suitable for firebreathing is carcinogenic.
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Just because you've never been hurt before, doesn't mean you won't die the next time.
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A downdraft or unexpected wind change can blow the igniting fuel back on you and set your face and body on fire at any time. We never have control over the wind. Even indoors, someone opening a window can create a sudden gust.As long as you are aware of all of the risks, and please make sure that you are, it's your choice whether or not you wish to do it.My biggest piece of advice is to do it as infrequently as possible, practice with water when aspirating, and if you have any doubts, wait til next time...------------------Charles (INFERNO)newdolbel@hotmail.com

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If you do a search on fire breathing in the forums (search under where it says new topic, you'll find heaps of info on safety and websites and other people you can email and find out more about it.

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