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A few days after the tragedy.... >After a few passionate e-mails in my inbox... >After a few hours of watching this horrid thing unfold on TV.... >After the death of one friend to a heart attack, a loss of a few friends to >misunderstandings, a loss of my job to recession..... > >And finally after a bus ride tonight where the driver posted (in plain view >for anyone riding the bus to they young old, black white, Muslim, >Christian or pagan like myself) his own personal hate mail against Muslims >living in the U.S. > >Now I need to plead.... > >To the loss of my job...Though in the moment it seamed like the sour cherry >to top the end of my week....after going to Seattle center and already >seeing the flowers pile up in remembrance ..I realized it is just a job and >countless others lost far more than that this week...and so I'm thankful I >lost my job. > >To the loss of some friends to misunderstandings....I love you, and I will >honor every moment you were in my life...I will honor, cherish and hold >onto every part of me that is now there because of you. I forgive you and I >hope for forgiveness in return....and so I am thankful for each and every >one of you. > >To the loss of a friend to a heart attack, and to his family..Did I ever >say thank you? Thank you for every time you where there in my life when I >needed you??Thank you for Christmas, and the ocean, and thanksgiving and >the best cooking this side of the Mississippi...Thank you for my safety...I >was closer to your brothers and sisters than I was to you but the beauty >and light that resided in them also resided in you...And so I am thankful >for the Swaney family. > >To the hours of tragedy unfolding on TV.....Somehow you managed to give me >hope....Everyday when I got home from work I watched...and through the >endless hours of bad news slowly but surely the good news emerged..I >witnessed the strength and courage of thousands of rescue workers young, >old, black, white, Muslim, Christian and probably some pagan like myself >join together to help a fellow human..That strength, that courage inspired >me to do what I could where I was I organized a blood drive and >prayed, prayed to god, to Allah, to Buddha, to the universe for >peace......and so oddly enough I am thankful for the television that showed >me the faces of the people I was praying for every night. > >To the Passionate e-mails arriving in my inbox....the beauty and intensity >of your reactions has helped me to realize that we are all in this together >and that I love you all and could not imagine loosing any of you and so I >will cherish my moments with you and I will honor my relationships with you >and I will do my best to treat every moment with you like it may be our >last and so I will end every moment with you with a big hug...and so I am >thankful for friends to give hugs to. > >And to the tragedy...I am struggling, I am struggling hard to find the >lesson, I am struggling hard with the anger in my heart and the fear that I >have because you have now brought us to the brink of war and with a little >hard work and communication we could have been at peace instead.. But when >I see a nation stand together to give comfort to each other in their grief >it gives me hope that maybe we can stand together in joy, but I am also >saddened that now we may be standing together in war....and so I am thankful >for each passing moment that we have not gone to war. > >To the Bus Driver who posted his hate mail for everyone to read.... I should >of told you that I disagreed with your point of view and that I have >compassion in my heart for you. I should of tried to explain to you that >instead of expressing hatred towards Muslims in America. you should embrace >them just like every other American who also is grieving and also horrified >by this attack. In stead I got angry and spit in your face and I am truly >sorry for that. I am impulsive and constantly let my intense emotions about >things get the better of me...And so to you Mr. Bus driver, I am thankful >because what you wrote and what transpired made me take a long look at what >my feelings were about all of this and I thank you for inspiring me to >write them all down. > >Please love... >Please forgive... >Please let there be justice without death... >Please embrace your humanity... >Please embrace humanity... > >To any of you who may have gotten to the end of this I guess I am begging >that you (especially Mr. Bush) take a moment and breath and pray , wish for >peace, love and serenity to wash over you, to take you over and to over >whelm you and then I ask that you bask in that glow for a few minutes and >then open your eyes and see the new world that stands before you. If you >do this...there will be no reason to pass this e-mail onto others because you >will be passing on your love. > >This is my hope, > >Sincerely, > >Donia

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Thank you with all my soul for sharing and for expressing some of the things I feel inside.Shine oncassandra

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