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Location: Londonish

I was wondering if there were any staff/poi twirlers in Malta. I'm half Maltese and going to be over there for the last week in September and thought it would be interesting to see if twirling exists in Malta.I've tried searching the 'Meet Others' directory, but to no avail.Thanks, and happy twirling to you all!Dom

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Location: Saratoga, CA, USA

My brother lives in Malta. He doesn't twirl, but I do. I asked him to check around a bit for me.Meanwhile check www.maltacom.comYou can search the whitepages for nightclubs, maybe that will help somewhat. I'll let you know if he finds anything more definite.Kristen

DarkFairyWingsBRONZE Member
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Location: Malta

If anyone twirls in Malta, pleaseeeee tell me!!! I'm just starting out and would like to know some others......pleasee if anyone would like to reply i'd be glad smile

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