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Hey! i just wanted to know if anyone here has bin contacted by spirits or anything?? The weirdest thing happened the other day. I was walkin along with my buddy and the sun was behind us, so we could see our shadows, and i looked down and around the upper half of myu body there was a thin rainbow!!! It was a perfect circle and it was so beautiful! then, i told my friend and it dissapeared when she looked down!!! It was amazing!!! And i checked to see behind me, or if i was wearing anything that could have caused it.... NOTHING!!! i have been contacting spirits (angels) recently, and they tell me seriously relevent things! Its freaky!! i was wondering if anyone else has had this sensation???Keep twirling, BYE!

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foobaaspinning for ages
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Just the freaky dream thing...situations in the dream that occur a couple of days later...not really anything big, in fact pretty ordinary everyday stuff, but just strange that I have seent the exact situation before.....Have not really had "angels" talk to me, but perhaps I have not been listening too hard either

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Is it possible that you saw your own aura??


KatincaSee my vest.... see my vest...
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Is this for real *looks around????*

Love and Light

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Freaky - next time I am out and thinking of aura's i will 'look around'

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