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Hi guys! I'm wondering if anyone is interested in spinning some fire on the 26th or 27th of September in Oceanside. It's also the VANS Triple Crown of Skateboarding that weekend, so it is a pretty fun atmosphere and you can check out the ramps and the skaters if you come early. Anyone interested and any preference for days? I'll try to get some drummers so let me know if you're interested!! Hope to see you soon and I am still working on the circus days but am having a difficult time with the hoop materials!!!

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bump - Anybody interested?

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I should be in Oceanside for part of the Holidays. Will any spinners be in town? Perhaps we could plan a burn on the beach?

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I was so excited thinking that there where going to be some spinners in Oceanside. Until I saw that it was Oceanside California, not Oceanside Oregon.

I hope that you have a good time spinning that weekend.

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I'll be around during the holidays and I imagine some others will be as well. Just let me know when you come into town!

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whee! yay!

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any thoughts of coming to the San Diego Decom Party? its in Escondito.

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I hadn't heard of it.. What is it?

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it WAS a burning man party ... but the fire you guys have down there has wiped out the property it was going to be held on.


it was gonna be a weekend long party too and i was really looking forward to in.


all good thoughts to those who are losing their property in the fires right now!

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ok, so i spoke too soon. the fire apparently went up to and around the property and the SD burning man decomp party is back on ...

here are the details ...

San Diego Decompression for 2003

San Diego Decompression is a free event, relying on the participation
of its attendees. An experience will be created, appealing to all of
your senses. Many fantastic sights, scenes, and attractions will
abound, including seven full art-environment domes, Xara, two stages,
Cirque Heedron, many fire performances and acts of wonder, art
installations, and daytime workshops!

Featured on the XARA and Cirque Heedron stages:


Turtlefuzz (San Diego)

The Seratonins (LA)

Helicopterkick (LA)


Dream Science


Wolfie (Mutaytor, LA)

Indigo (Bollywood, LA)

Feliz (SRC, infinite sector, SD)

Ele (SRC, infinite sector, SD)

Taco Ghost (SRC, SD)

Jacqueline (SRC, SD)

Scottino (Camp Hi!, SF)

Le Reux (SRC, SD)

Shane Wheel (SD)

Projections provided by Camp Hi!

Workshops (Saturday morning to evening)

Tarot Card Reading
DJ Mixing with Feliz
Sexual Interactions (Lecture - discussion)
Feng Shui
Candy Making
Massage (Bring oil and towel)
Belly Dancing

Once again, this is a participatory event. Wear your Playa finest and
come ready to participate. We still have many openings for bands and
DJís. Volunteer to teach a workshop. Share your knowledge with your
fellow Burners; theyíll love you for it! You can also volunteer to
build an art installation, perform, or any other way you feel youíd
like to express yourself.

This is an absolutely free community event for all, but please bring
food, water and other provisions for yourself and to share. Potluck
will be on Saturday afternoon/ evening. There will be some indoor space
to sleep, but this will fill up fast. There will be ample camping area
for tents. If you plan on bringing an RV, please RSVP a week
beforehand. Art vehicles are welcome, but for stationary display only.

Please contact Jones atspooonreturn@yahoo.comfor all volunteering,
special arrangements, RV RSVP, or any other questions.

Directions to San Diego Decompression

30922 Valley Center Road

From I-15 in Escondido, take the Valley Parkway exit east. (You can
cut across at Via Rancho Parkway if you're familiar with the route,
otherwise better to stick with this way...) Valley Parkway takes you
all the way through Escondido, and then becomes Valley Center Road, so
if you just keep heading east about 20 miles, you'll come to the
driveway. It gets a little tricky going through Escondido, because the
street becomes 2nd Ave for a while (you might not even notice) and then
merges again at the Palomar Hospital.

You will also go all the way through Valley Center, past the major
lights at Lilac Road and Cole Grade road. Keep going, past the Llama
farms! Watch the addresses on the mailboxes. Look for the SDDECOM
sign and it is a left turn which can be kind of tough across traffic.
Be careful. If you miss the driveway, you'll soon come to North Lake
Wholford Road which goes to the Valley View Casino. Turn around there
or you'll go all the way down to Harrah's Casino.

When you turn into the driveway, go all the way to the end. There are
two other houses you'll see along the driveway, go right past those.
Greeters will be present to show you where to park.

Welcome Everyone!

And now, a message from Cirque Heedron:

Cirque Heedron is in town! A sizzling, exciting and entertaining
night circus and workshop on Nov 8.

Everyone is invited to come revel in the fire and folly of the circus
(with exciting live acts), and enjoy the after party going till late!

Come in costume or in nothing at all, heed the call of the bonfire
bar! Suggested Donation is $0.

Come one, come all! However, Cirque Heedron may not be suitable for
all ages, discretion is advised.

The Cirque Heedron Extraordinaire is open to all
burners, toasters, distillers, bakers, fakirs, nakers and lakers.

YOU WILL BE ENTERTAINED! Some of Cirque Heedron performances will
include sizzling fire spinning, tight-rope walking, dazzling illusion
that defies belief, dangerous circus acts being performed by REAL
carnies, and pyrotechnics in moderate doses.

You must not miss this one-of-a-kind adult-oriented circus
which may contain dramatic elements not suitable for children or
people with heart conditions. Discretion is advised!

Plenty of parking, but carpooling is advised. There will be room for
hundreds of be-dazzled spectators at this SATURDAY-NIGHT event!

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What is the date for this party? I imagine it's at least a couple of weeks away or it will probably be cancelled anyway due to horrible air quality and continued fire threats... It sounds great if it is later in November.

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Nov 7-9 ... and folks are determined for it to go on. Everything around the party is burnt so there will be no further fire danger

I already bought my plane tix.

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I don't live that far from Oceanside, and I would love to meet up with other people who spend fire. I've only recently started spinning, and actually I don't really spend I just got home torches. Would that still be welcomed? I would love to participate!

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