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Hi everyone just thought I'd post to say I'm back safe from the desert; have had a fantastic time watching Black Rock City grow from the dust, building art, meeting wonderful people, spinning with an amazing amount of firey faeries round a big man just before he burned, hitching on crazy art cars, watching the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets i've ever seen in my life, dancing at dawn on dust so hot it burnt my toes and general indescribable beauty, kindness and inspiration. So many times I thought "Oh I wish *** could be here with me and experience this".

Reading NYC's post about the London spinning scene just reminded me of how much I miss you all and I'm sorry I won't get a chance to see everyone before I go to Uni but I've just had some bad news and will need to spend some time with my family when I get back as my brother is going to be in hospital.

So keep smiling everyone and please keep in touch. I'm back in San Francisco now with friends after a few days in a hotel in Reno stuffing my face at buffets, drinking, swimming.

Lots of love to everyone and I hope to see you all soon.

Eva x

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Posted:Just came back this week from my first burn at BM and having a hard time gettng back to normal life. I can't think of much to say about it except that you have to go.
I used 1 gallon a night colemans's, seem to meet fire spinners at ever corner, and never got so much inspiration (and new scars ). I thought I'd go seeking as many new technical staff/sword moves as I could find but found the most inspiration from watching a couple of beautiful poi spinners and thinking more of performance, expression and dance. Already counting down until the next burn.