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Posted:Hello to one & all!!
I know that this is short notice but I only heard today...
We Southend Poi-ers are having a meet tomorrow (thursday) at the Sunrooms (a bar) from 9pm onwards... fires allowed too !! :-)
We will be spinning in the car-park next to the pub. All welcome, but I realise that it is a 'school-nite'. If you get to the town ask people where the sunrooms is, or check it out on the internet. Not too hard to find...
Hope some of you can make it, we want to make the most of not much summer left !!
Take care & happy spinning

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Posted:Fire spinning at the scumrooms what is the world coming to?

Shame I cannot make mid week but will certainly come up another time

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Posted:Southend...and die

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Posted:essex? eww

oh, wait, i live in colchester don't i?