The Welcome Mattmember
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Location: Manchester NH USA

Anyone from the HoP Community going?

I'm gonna be a first timer this year!!

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Location: Sheffield, England

2 months 'till home time...


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Location: NorCal

Yep, I'll be there once again this year! Who else?

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MrConfusedBRONZE Member
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Location: I wish I knew, United Kingdom

Me. Another first timer.


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Location: B,ham/Sheffield

Hi everyone

Sorry if you think im thick, but what is Burning Man 2003???

I am an Angel

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Location: bristol,uk

its the wierdest most amazing america...

check out

cant say i have been yet but have wanted to for ages. thought it best to wait till next yr when i can drink out there. woooo

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sunbeamSILVER Member
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I'm going for the first time this year too.

Anyone volunteering for anything or going to be camping within any theme camps?

Look forward to partying with you all
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I'm a first timer too. And I'm going to Burningman

Sooooo XciTed!!!!
Anyone going from the San Diego area???

RandyBRONZE Member
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Location: Long Beach, CA, USA

Ok, ok.. I'm a first timer too this year.

I'm from Long Beach, which is relatively close to SD.

Mr Peteymember
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Location: Sunny Sheffield

Another first timer here!

I'm off for a couple of years around the world after that so I won't be back soon - but still I've always wanted to do it so I'm well please I can

Just got to gert my sholder better now so I can do some swinging!

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Location: Canada

Me going as well... first timer!!!!! Whatch out for the dude in an inner tube costume that looks like leather

Peace out,

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Location: flaming hot Phoenix

I'm going, it'll be my sixth year. But this is my first post so I guess I fit in with all the first timers. You guys are gonna have so much happy firey fun!!!

BTW, anyone out there have room for me and my spouse to ride from Burning Man to San Francisco on Sunday or Monday after the burn? We need to be to SF by Wednsday night to catch our flight to Thailand. Any leads are appreciated!


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