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Posted:Hi to all
Hope the preperations for the mayhem of glastonbury are coming together.
Straight(ish) to the point - We are performing at BGG (July 30th - August 3rd) and we need some more Fire Performers to extend the length of the show.
Cant offer you anything more than free ticket and paraffin (as we are not getting paid either!), but it is a wonderfrull event and you'll have much fun garanteed.
The BGG is around Cheddar (Summerset) this year. Youll need to be available on Sunday 3rd Evening to do the Big Fire Show.
We need another 4 or so people - So if you could email me directly ASAP, with some indication of performance experience and your prescribed method of Fire-age. You may well get the go.
Needs to be finalised this week - so rush!!!

Hope to see you all at Glasters

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Posted:Hey Rob Check ya mail . .