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Tomorrow America will be dressed in Red, White, And Blue. Bring America together, we WILL prevail! Dress in as much Red, White, And Blue as you can, and walk with pride. Pass this message on to as many as you can. Determination and teamwork will unite us.Please so as much as you can to unite our country in this crisis. Support us, and help us discover who is behind this terrible assult.-=M-D=-

Draco Dominusmember
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Hmmmmmmm. I have noticed a small devide om this board.The aggresive responses towards the terrorists.The sympathetic responses towards them.And the passive bystanders.I personally dont think that war is the answer, however i dont think you can hold discussions with people who are willing to kill innocent people, so I think i find myself stranded in the middle.I can easily apreciate the views of those who say thet these terrorists are animals, because their attack was aimed at people who didnt even cause their problems, let me try to explain that clearer. These terrorists planned this strike for months, possibly longer, so when they planned this act they did not even know who`s lifes they would destroy and no matter how desperate your cause, killing random people is not acceptable. If they have a deep hatred for america because of its government then it should have attacked the government, not the people it governs over, and there is now way any terrorist organisation can have a hatred for 50`000 random indeviduals and those unfortunate enough to be on a plane.However, what is war if not glorified terrorism?if America bombs Afganistan because they will not force Bin Laden to leave are they not going to kill innocent people as happens in every millitary action in the world to date? And if they succeed in pounding Afganistan into ejecting Bin Laden, is the message going out to the world not `He with the biggest force and most power can always win by brute force and ignorance`?Terrorists kill inocent people to achieve their goals, and war does the same thing.So America are in a no win situation on this mater without convincing the Taliban to force Bin Laden to leave their country.------------------Respect the flames, for from them emerges heat, and light, let this Light guide you, and this heat warm your heart, from fire comes Life.

Respect the flames, for from them emerges heat, and light, let this Light guide you, and this heat warm your heart, from fire comes Life.

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