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Posted:as i've mentioned to some people at spits i'm having a party THIS FRIDAY. i've trying to email you guys, but the goddamn system is playing up. heres the basics of the email:

To all those that I have mentioned this to, here is your official invite. For everyone else:

Last year around midsummer’s eve I hosted a party at my father’s house. This involved lots of food drink etc in the garden, and also a theme (many people were dressed up as fairies, elves, pixies etc).

This year I’m hosting a party on FRIDAY 13TH JUNE
My father lives in a village, which is on the London edge of Hertfordshire (near Hemel Heampstead).
The THEME this year is ALICE IN WONDERLAND. Calling all white rabbits, march hares, mad hatters, door mice, caterpillars, queens of hearts (etc). Characters can be based on either of the books or the films.
Food and drink are provided.

To get there:
BY TRAIN to BERKHAMPSTEAD which is 30 mins from EUSTON STATION. From there you will need a 5 min taxi or get someone with a car to pick you up (best to arrive in groups of 4 to economise on taxi money or car shifts).
If you are taking a train I will be able to provide you with local taxi numbers, although there is a taxi rank outside the station.

BY CAR is very easy. I will give you more directions on request.

It may seem like a long distance, but everyone who made it last year thought it was worth it, which is why I am repeating it this year.

Bring: tents if you have one (to sleep in)
Fire equipment & other toys (plenty of room)
Costume (even just a mad hat)

As we will be providing food and drink I need to know how many will be coming therefore please REPLY by TUESDAY 10TH JUNE to blackdove @vodafone.net or 07788 710371. I am happy for almost anyone I know (and like) to come -even if I didn’t have their email address to invite them- as long as I know numbers (more or less) by Tuesday. People I don’t know may be invited as long as they are bound to get on with most people & behave!

hope this makes sense. please tell anyone about it who won't have seen this post.
phone/text/email/pm me by tuesday/wednesday if you can & i'll give you more details - also maybe ask drome at spitalfields (sorry for the responsibility kelly)

well this is long enough faffing on the computer

see everyone soon

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