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Posted:Some people have expressed a desire to have some playtime with friends from Moonfest in the daylight hours...So we've created....*SUNfest*

SUNfest is happening in the afternoons prior to each MOONfest This is a perfect time to gather with friends for a play in the park share ideas and skills perhaps practice some of those twirling moves or juggling tricks that youve been having trouble getting in the dark(hehe ) or maybe just pull out a blankie and have a picnic

All very casual and nothing too organized Just for those of you who have been feeling that need to have a play in the daylight, as well as by moonlight It starts when you get there, and we gather at the moonfest spot (Moora Park ~ Shorncliffe foreshore on the grass by the rock jetty)

For Moonfest/sunfest dates please refer to the .:*Warm Fuzzy Winter Moon Fests*:. post in the events section

Sunshine and warm fuzzies to you all!
Love Elke .:*MoonPixie*:.

*:...one day all the fairy fridges will be aligned and my pixie world will be complete...:*

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