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Posted:Ambleside in the Lake district up near windermere.

Well at last I have been given a date. 14/05 at 7.00/7.30ish in Rothay park. It is a Wednesday so it's a little awkward but well worth it.

Myself and my lot will be camping for a couple of nights and carrying the party on so anyone fancies joining us is more than welcome.

It's an excellent do. Just fingers crossed for the weather.

The pubs up there are pretty great to.

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Posted:number 1...the pubs are great.
nubmer 2...the scenery is even better
number 3...i second the motion
nubmer 4...i cant be thereas i have a levels to revise for

sorry people..

but defninatly go..

its really re-hearly nice up there..


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Posted:Gawd damn,I'm working nights that week. Doh! I highly recommend it too!!

A repeat performance is in order me thinks, a weekend sometime in June?

Have a top time & don't upset the locals!


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Posted:shame... well skint and my folks are here visiting on those dates


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