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Posted:Ey Yo!I am a girl from sweden me end my friend are locking for a great experience...du you have any idea what we can do or live...we dont have so much money so we live back packer life!!!Love Anna

Hi!Myn name is anna and i come from cold sweden...but me and some of my friends make it to warm sweden...sometimes ;)

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Posted:Portugal is cheap and there are some good twirlers there, if you are into Trance, then join the freeparty Trance crew and spend the summer cruising around...

London perhaps if you know any squats, there are HEAPS of good twirlers there.

Thailand has good twirlers and its not expensive.

Australia is good fun and the people are friendly but its a bit more expensive, if you arent working that is.

Hope that helps,




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Posted:if you come to england be sure to visit us in sheffield and poi with us, we have a couple of good techno and trance nights and have a monthly get together in the park for a spin. if you decide to come over pm me to let me know when and we could organise a gathering.

happy travelling !


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Posted:if you come to Melbourne, I'll give you a backrub.
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and a vegemite sandwich

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Posted:indien s klart har allt personligen ker jag till baka i sept
mitt andra hem som nog blivit frsta hem..

biligt o en upplevelse fr livet..simma lungt


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