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Location: Bracknell/England

Total posts: 5
Posted:Looking for other mad people who do fire poi/balls/clubs or staff in the reading/bracknell area!!!!!!We need to steal your tricks!!!!!

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Location: Reading, UK

Total posts: 155
Posted:Hey Daryl.I am here in Reading.since you live so near have you heard a place called Tribal Earth or Earth Spirit.glad to see there's another poier near me, happy twirling.F_S

Where there is sorrow I seek the Flame - Rumi


Fire Princess

Location: London/Brighton, UK

Total posts: 130
Posted:Hello Daryl,I'm in London...if you're ever in our nation's fair capital drop me a line.Have you checked out the 'meet others' section? I'm sure there are loads of people near you.FP


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