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Have anyone seen anyone with staff at a rave or any parties??? any personal opinions?

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The bush parties that we go to always highly feature staff, im not sure what you are asking, perhaps this is isolated to indoor events? non fire?cause for as long as i can remember seeing fire spun, staff was always present.

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hey I have seen staff done at one place place i am familiar with, my personal opinion is that it is very good looks fantastic if they have a routine. Why?

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i've brought a staff to several events in california,but i'm usually paranoid about not getting through the door. security sometimes sees my staff as a weapon... telling them that it's for a performance usually works.there was this one time at this years coachella festival (https://www.goldenvoice.com/coachella/)where i was having a hard time getting them in,,, so i said, "Perry [farrell] needs these onstage! they're part of his performance! don't make me get you fired dude!"that did the trick.usually pack a few glowsticks to tie to the ends of my staff though, cali raves don't ususally let you light up unless you're part of the planned entertainment.desertpanda.

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