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Posted:Hey all south africans,

My name is Brendan and im starting a social group called FireFlyz in and around JHB (Bruma, Eastgate area)
Ive been spinning for about 2 years now and still having fun.
I urge anyone in the area to contact me CLICK HERE

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Posted:Hey. Is there an interest in a spinning group in JHB? if so message me,

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Posted:Hi Brendan,

I am a poi spinner and have a safari company so travel back and forth between the states and ZA. Well this will be my first trip to ZA that I will be spinning fire, can you tell me what you call that gas you spin fire with? Here we call it white gas. As soon as I land in Joburg I want to get all my supplies together before I head out into the bush and haven't a clue if the gas is called the same there. Thanks so much, I will be heading over the The World Cup final match on July 11 and then off to into the bush.



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Posted:Paraffin. Well, illuminating paraffin. smile

You would call it Kerosene, at least as far as I have been able to work out. Not sure that there is a white gas equivalent, at least in common use.

Drop me a line if you make it down to the Eastern Cape by the way.

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Posted:ya parafin is the closest thing youll find to white gas over here.

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