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Posted:so last night at my fire group I was informed of something really cool. the halftime show choreographer for the super bowl has been talking to crimson rose (head of the burning man fire conclave) and apparantly they are looking to have aboot three hundred fire performers do a show for them, and if it happens, I'm gonna be one of them ! of course nothing is definite yet, but it sounds like a strong possibility.

so anybody else here been asked aboot being a part of this? I know crimson talked to some of the bay area groups as well as the Los Angeles groups.

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Posted:man, nobody loves us here in texas
me and sage would come

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Posted:That's awsome man think about it ?, Its a great chance to show a lot of people the beauty of fire twirling.

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Posted:yep our group was told about if from crimson rose also, but the last update i got was that its not going to happen. i wonder if they decided against the fire in generall or found other people..other I think finding 300 spinners outside of burningman and this website might be a challenge.... suzanne


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Posted:im with arashi here...nobody cares about us poor little texas people...sniff ummm you ever come to the dfw area??? if so hit me up so we can get together!!

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Posted:I was contacted not by Crimson Rose but by others...
My understanding was that it came down to fuel+ astroturfy stuff+ fire+ football =not good. And it was done at the Olympics and they didn't do it well. It looked like a horrible cluster of ineptness for the most part (and from the backstory, was just about that), plus there were a few instances of injury (I was sent a copy of the articles). AND there is the public liability insurance issue. Pyrotechnics are one thing but 600 small fires? And there were some issues in the corporate white necks with getting people from BM as well. That burned my britches but hey..who can argue with millions and millions of dollard sunk into a 30 min show?
There were a list of reasons. All valid in thier own way I suppose. But most sounded very much like corporate whoo-ha.

I think the opportunity would be awesome, but it is a project that needed to be started professionally a few months ago to be done well. Grabbing a few hundred people and telling them to spin all at once randomly just doesn't look well thought out or put together. Now if they want to do it next year they get that 300 people together a few months in advance and they work on a choreography to do all at once. That would knock people off their damn seats!

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