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The United ChainsOf Fire (Chris)
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Posted:Firstly Another message from chris to say he is alive. Hooray.
Jon and I were thinkin of doing a Poi meet in Harrow on the Hill Its a really nice spot to spin from. This will be a week on saturday all are welcome is anybody interested.

Everything other than lying down is officially Long(excluding, Poi, Sex ((if shes on top)) Smokes and Beer)I inventeed the HippoI was Frosty PoiStuff is cool

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Mistress of Pink...Multicoloured
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Posted:Hello everyone

Twas a good night, sorry that me and Simian went early...

But it was nice meeting the people i hadn't met before...And also good catching up with the rest!

Sorry if i was a bit pink...i was in a very pink mood that day.


Never pick up a duck in a dungeon...


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Posted:hey guys anyone lose some fire wicks the other evening?when my bag finally finished drying out from all that damn apraffin found a glass jar with two fire wicks in it and they aint mine so im guessing someone out there is short two fire wicks. lemme knwo if you've lost em and ill try and find some way of getting them back to you.




Carpal \'Tunnel

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Posted:cheers to everyone for turning up....apparently my livcing room reeked of skunk when you all went home!

sorry about throwing you all out in about 5 ex best amte came over and we ended up going down the pub and being mates again after not speaking for a year!

i think the wicks are mine actually.....if they are in a nutella jar then they are mine.. easy getting them back to me!


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