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Posted:Call For Performers: Poi, Staff, Baton, Flag,Dancer's etc

On November 30 2002, Detroit Entertainment and Metro Times will be
presenting the first annual Detroit Electronic Expo, a unique festival of
personal technology, electronic music, fashion and gaming with a special
2-hour performance by techno legend, Kevin Saunderson. Between the fashion
show and headlining DJs will be a short "tribal-technic" performance
featuring artists skilled in Poi, staff, baton, flag, liquid/pop n lock dancing and other forms performance art. To produce the "tech" aspect, we will be supplying
photon, laser and fluorescent gear to perform these aspects of your perferred performance art.

We are holding an open audition to find performers within south-eastern
Michigan (Detroit-area) to join us in making this a captivating part of DEX.

Event: Detroit Electronic Expo v.1
Detroit Electronic Expo V.1
Arts: Poi, Baton, Staff, Flag,Fans,Martial, Liquid, Pop N Lock ,Hip Hop, Dancing
(No fire allowed at audition, please
bring non-fire substitutes)

Call: Sunday, November 10 2002, 3pm to 6pm
The Necto, 516 East Liberty
Ann Arbor, MI 734-994-5436

Bring: Valid picture ID

Dress: Casual

Info: Detroit Entertainment Network

Please note that work will be TFP with an portfolio showcase on the souvenir
CD Digicard and website as well as VIP access to the DEX and a copy of the
finished video afterwards.

Hope to see you there,

Anthony and Keara

And all my days are trances And all my nightly dreamsAre where thy gray eye glances And where thy footstep gleams-In what ethereal dances By what eternal streams. Edgar Allan PoeThe prophet is a fool and the religious man is fucking mad, and for the multitude of your sense and your inequity, and the great hatred......NANCY BOY

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