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FireMikeZLaguna dude
1,438 posts
Location: Laguna, California, US

WELCOME to the Official Home of Poi Southern California-wide Thread

maintained by

Non-Https Image Link

SoCalFire (including OrangeFire)
Southern California Fire Arts Network

gatherin & servin all of SoCal's pryos from Malibu to Tijuana, especially Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, & Imperial counties, with friends in Santa Barbara, Ventura & nearby Counties, Nevada, Arizona, & Baja California, Mexico, visitors & friends all over our molten earth, to make a really GOOD big ball o' fire!

we offer free member pages to all pyros around the world! show your stuff, get gigs, post your pics, and be part of our global pyro family - just fill out a Member Profile on our main website, in the Members section

we live here at Home of Poi &
also at our website & forum: SoCalFire main website @ members.lycos.co.uk/socalfire
SoCal 411 e-mail list & admin: SoCalFire411@yahoo.com
Home of Poi SoCalFire hosts: FireMike, calvran (e-mails at foo@foozone.net, not PM's, please, occasionally cruise Home of Poi between events), dulce flames, pozee
outside Home of Poi SoCalFire hosts: Dragon (Art Director), Squirtle (Membership Director), who's frequently on AIM
phones: home landline FireMike 949.643.1625, fax 949.831.5685, cellphones calvran 949.412.5080, pozee 760.224.5000

MAJOR props to Malcolm and our elders in the motherland of fire, incubating regional & local groups all over our volcanic satellite of the sun, taniwha power through arteries of fire roaring into us all!

here in SoCal our immediate roots include Dreamer (Home of Poi The Man Behind the Curtain) & Pixie's San Diego circle, Home of Poi's pozee's many crews out of Oceanside, Home of Poi's calvran and FireMike in Orange County, FireplayLA and Burning Man camps in Los Angeles, Fire Raving Masseuses spinning fire hula hoops in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, Hearthfire our sister regional federation, and the first this year to call a SoCal gathering,

Home of Poi's Kinudin!

[ 23. November 2002, 20:27: Message edited by: FreMke ]

molten cheers,

~ FireMike

FireMikeZ@yahoo.com (personal messages welcome, no promo spam, please!)
Laguna, California, US

FireMikeZLaguna dude
1,438 posts
Location: Laguna, California, US

Originally posted by MikeGinny (Lightning):

HEIGHT: 5'8"
SPECIAL FEATURES: Brown hair, five-o'-clock shadow, unlaundered clothes.

hey, that's my territory, get out of it!

5'8", black hair made brown with red dye, shadow, rumples... but you can keep "disgruntled," i am getting out of that business i temporarily slipped into so fast... back to happy hyper & happy hidden

yah, ok, you even got my name already, bring it, your big chest next to my big ego/heart/spirit projection (specially when i ungruntle them) we'll be MikeTwins no doubt


molten cheers,

~ FireMike

FireMikeZ@yahoo.com (personal messages welcome, no promo spam, please!)
Laguna, California, US

MikeGinnyGOLD Member
HOP Mad Doctor
13,923 posts
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

*loud bang*

Ok. I'm here.


Certified Mad Doctor and HoP High Priest of Nutella

A buckuht n a hooze! -Valura

This is happening in Oceanside on the 28th?

I was looking forward to coming and playing with my new Canon Powershot G3 but that sounds too far.

Anyone offering up a ride?

38 posts
Location: Southern California, USA

MikeGinny (Lightning) Welcome to SoCal Burn
Saturday December 28, 2002, 7 PM - 9 PM
The PozeeFire Stretch of Oceanside Beach
400 Block of South The Strand
Oceanside, California, USA 92054

a casual burn gathering
no provisions for tunes, food, drink
we're gathering in the early evening to welcome MikeGinny of Home of Poi, Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Santa Barbara, CA to SoCal, with plenty of time to go to other holiday pleasures after the burn, family, friends, dinner, parties.

many thanks to Joan and LlCoolPat for hosting MikeGinny in their homes during his stay, for hospitality from dulceflames & family, calvran, pozee & wink, who've worked to make his stay a happy time.

this'll be a truly warm & chill casual burn in the old SoCalFire visitor welcome tradition.

details, maps, contacts click here

[ 30. December 2002, 08:45: Message edited by: SoCalFire ]

~ word from ya SoCalFire pyro family~ SoCalFire411@yahoo.com

38 posts
Location: Southern California, USA

New Years Eve & New Years Day Burns

details, maps, contacts click here

how about a

(1) New Years Eve Together As One pre-party Burn?

who wants to burn near the LA Olympic Coliseum before SoCal's major New Years massive?

Tuesday December 31, 2002, dusk
near the LA Olympic Coliseum

some of us are game to find a virgin spot and light up in celebration before the party. during Together As One, there's usually no fire at all, and if there is, it's reserved for pro's hired in advance by the promoter. you're not likely to be able to pass frisking & take any fire toys & fuels inside the Coliseum. but if anyone actually emails us in advance or far better, phones us, we could have a lil guerilla light-up, find somewhere cool in the area, while aware that both site & town security will be scanning around well before Together As One starts, to flush off bad elements who might prey on the 10,000 or so ravers that night. there are museum grounds and USC in the area, and no doubt we'll see public parks online or on Thomas Guides most of us will have along with us.

so this would happen only if we get enough RSVPs to SoCalFire411@yahoo.com in advance

if not, see you after everyone's New Years Eve parties, at

(2) New Years Day FirePlay LA Burn

Wednessday January 1, 2003, 8 PM - 11 PM
West LA outdoors with dozens of SoCal pyros!

for directions, inquire from SoCalFire411@yahoo.com, phone FireMike at 949.643.1625, or try reaching FirePlay LA's administration via Bearclaw Manufacturing (pyro toys) at www.bearclawmfg.com. Fireplay LA has its own website, but ordinarily does not post event info there; the only venues and maps you're likely to find is for gatherings which are no longer active. it's our SoCal pyro family underground resource, so ask a pyro who know.

(3) Forest Tree Party welcoming fire arts
Tuesday, December 31st, $15 includes Breakfast & the most delightful Psychodelic
Music on earth.
$5 from each person will go to the Musical
Heritage Foundation for providing the land.
You're welcome to come & set up camp during the day on Tuesday.
Private Forest Location, Close to Home.
Only 30 min. from LA (same place as Green Party)

Bonfires & Swami Dawg Chai to keep us toasty

JBL Sound By Brad @ Network 23((()))

Breakfast by Chef Manny
If you can bring a fruit donation to add to the
morning breakfast for everyone, that would be
peachy. . .(apples, Oranges, Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Strawberries, etc.)

Extensive DJ line-up featuring:

Daniel - a.k.a Lumukanda (Australia, Karelia of Finland)
Pentti Slayer - a.k.a. Texas Faggott (Finland, Psy-Harmonics of Australia)

directions available on info phone lines December 30. this is underground family stuff, a New Year's option brought to you by SoCalFire's .fireproof who suggests that since it's so very underground, don't post it into more popular general lists. she wanted to share it with us, coz we're one big SoCal pyro family. share it with cool "psychodelic" people, & all pyros, direct to recipient.

want contact details? party host info? carpool maybe, enthuse about it? catch her at agobon@netscape.net, .fireproof loves knowing creative people. she's happy to report it's a forest party which welcomes fire arts, and has a bonfire to start it all off, and plans to be there in person spinning poi.

(4) tell us if ya know other pyro events for NYE
just email us at SoCalFire411@yahoo.com, or phone in the 411 for our SoCal pyro family at 949.643.1625

[ 30. December 2002, 09:11: Message edited by: SoCalFire ]

~ word from ya SoCalFire pyro family~ SoCalFire411@yahoo.com

38 posts
Location: Southern California, USA

SoCal pyro Marcy needs a new home in West LA (or nearby)!

About Marcy from Bash (Sebastian):

HEy folks.. hope everyone is having a great holiday! My good friend Marcy is on the search for a place to live.
She's such a great girl, active in our little community and is really looking hard for some living space. IF your neighbor/roommate/uncle / whomever is moving out of a place, or there's a vacancy somewhere, please contact her.
Oh yeah...HAPPY 2003!!!!

Sebastian 'Bash' Gomez
Creative Flame
(310) 396-4100
cell (310) 720-7201

Home Rental Request from Marcy:

Hey there people! Hope everyone is having a delightful holiday season! You guys all rock, but you know that. Listen, I am givin a shout out to all of you guys to put your ear to the ground for a place for me to live! I gotta get out of here pronto. Here is my roommate "bio" I am a 28 year old artist, I need something ASAP, preferably under $500 per month, preferably on the west side. I am laid back and fun, and usually busy on some project or another. I appreciate any leads you guys might have, I have been searching to no avail for almost three months now. So if you hear of anything please let me know! Thanks sooo much love you guys!

Marcy Whipkins 213-688-9753

SoCalFire sez Marcy's a warm-hearted, sweetly dramatic fire-eating gymnast with a lotto flair who graces our fire scene all over SoCal. we'd all love to see her find a good new home!

~ word from ya SoCalFire pyro family~ SoCalFire411@yahoo.com

38 posts
Location: Southern California, USA

Happy New Year, SoCal pyros & all who come to visit us this year!

New Years ushered another dozen pyros, mainly from Los Angeles, signing into our network.

& right now we're enjoyed a wonderfully warm stretch of sunshine every day.

we have word of many events coming up all over SoCal, yet we shall first be concentrating on preparing a more sound, inviting, and sensuously muscular core of service formats to serve you throughout the year, before turning attention back to publicizing our expanding awareness of pyro pleasures happening across SoCal.

may this year bring your brightest, tightest, and sprightliest fire nights & sunny days yet!

~ word from ya SoCalFire pyro family~ SoCalFire411@yahoo.com

Raphael96SILVER Member
old hand
899 posts
Location: New York City, USA

One week from today I leave for San Diego.

I have tone of stuff to do before then.

Mike- how many old blades would you like to try out to make fire-rapiers?


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