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Hey allI know this was mentioned a while ago but I just read about the BBQ party organisers in New Orleans in the states and how they were recently attacked by Federal prosecuters under the 'Crack House' laws. This was due to stupid partiers ending up in hospital due to not partying smartly.Apparently they couldn't prove that BBQ were handing out drugs to their attendees so therefore the parties will go on.Some agreements had to be made for them to continue however. The removal of chill-out rooms for one (I won't BOTHER with the problems there) but what really took the cake was that pacifiers (whatever) and glowsticks were being banned from the parties.I don't want any drug debate here but I'm sure the people on this site who DON'T consume drugs can vouch that thinking drug taking will drop in numbers because these three thing have been cut from the parties is so seriously flawed that I can't even vocalise how F##ked it actually is.ANYWAY I wanted to ask residents from around the world for tales that are similar to this. I know in some places fire is banned for safety issues but I'm more interested in hearing about people who have been prohibited to twirl based purely on the law/peoples assumptions on what you are really about?I take drugs, but not all the time and in Australia thankfully no situations have occurred where twirling has been associate purely with or blamed for drug taking. I'd hate the idea of not being able to perform straight for others entertainment because it was viewed so harshly.Anyway, enough rambling. Anyone?

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They are trying to pass a law in my town establishing a 10 oclock curfew in public parks. Which is where we spin fire.I believe the law is directly targeted at our friday night fire spinning sessions, although I cannot prove that.I saw a funny survey in the paper today "Everything is fine" was the headline. Apparently they(being city council) circulated a petition. it went to 1200 people in our town, and 500 or so responded. mostly 35-55 year old homeowners. obviously a biases opinion in our city of probably 100,000 people. I never heard of the survey, and I am EXTREMELY dissatisfied with the way they are running this city.------------------~whoosh whoosh whoosh~

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I have been at a couple of raves where the police shut it down just because ONE person was caught with drugs. And I got told to stop twirling once at a rave
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, but other than that I've never seen twirling associated directly with drug use by the police. However, hardly anybody has even seen twirling with glow sticks, much less with fire, around here (Oklahoma, USA) so there aren't realy any laws against it. It seems you have to get noticed first before they can pass a law against you...
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Honestly, I have never been to a rave, nor have I consummed many drugs other that pot.But it does irk me a bit when people assume the oppisite. I think spinning is more or less a drug free activity to me it is the drug (i sound like one of those drugs are bad commercials *lol) A little while ago there was a roller skating rink shut down because they were having after hour raves. The place wasnt in a great side of town anyway (ex: gang activity etc) what people found out is that the gang activity was actually the reasont he palce got shut down.. the ravers didnt do anything wrong.. but people are ignorent and fear new things and there for the happy ravers kids were blames for a gangs criminal doings.. i could write a whole book about how i think this is wrong and really to bad its almost like they shut down a whole art form in its self and just because i didnt go doesnt mean i have an opinion.. its sad------------------A Faeries Heart Beats Fierce and Free!!!!!

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Hey BEZERKER, I read the same story. I could not believe it. It is such backwards thinking. By that rational, we should curtail pot smoking by banning pizza and water. Where I live, all of the parks have roughly 10:30-11:00 curfews, but are luckily fire spinning friendly for the most part when they are open. But I still do not believe in being able to close an open space on the earth for certain periods of time because of what may or may not happen (it is my theory that if there were more public places for people under 21 to go after 10:00 at night, there would be a lot less crime). I could go on and on about how ridiculous this is, but I'll try to be succinct by saying this: There are now teens out there who can smoke cigarettes, vote, operate a vehicle, get sent to war and die, buy a gun, but may not enjoy a glowstick.

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Twilo. Nuff said.(OK, OK, for those of you not from the US, Twilo was one of the best clubs ever built with Sasha and Digweed as resident DJs and was shut down due to crackhouse laws. I have mixed feelings on it. Right intention, wrong method.)

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