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OH DEAR GOD IT WAS GREAT.I got a little taste of what you guys who do performances must get. THE RUSH!Tonight in the supposed seclusion of my backyard I went to practice. Musta been out there for a good 45 minutes. ANYWAYS. One of my neighbors who lives with his grandmother is about 4 years my senior (i'm 18)and he was with one of his buddies in his front yard. So one of them musta saw me practicing (bright new glowsticks) and wanted to try and be all secretive about watching me practice. It was funny cause i saw them go really quietly and slowly into their backyard and climb up a few steps to their balcony so they could see over my fence to watch. I was extremely nervous. I've done it in front of people before, but not while i was practicing , sheesh this was supposed to be the night to try and learn the btb weave and i didn't want to look like i sucked total ass to these guys(since they went through all the trouble to not be noticed). so anyways i started off slow with all the stuff in the butterfly family then moved on to the weaves rvs weave, fountains , windmills corkscrews etc,,, doing it all as graceful as i could then i figured what the hell, lets go for the pure unadalterated speed. Now 3 things about this made my legs shake,, 1) if i hit myself it would hurt ALOT2) if i hit myself i would look like i suck and then it would hurt alot.3) i usually don't spin as fast as i did tonight.when i succesfully completed my routine with lighting speed, i could no longer feel my arms or legs out of being worn out and pure Joy. My knees where so weak i nearly collapsed.So i called it quits right there, i was gonna go out with a bang. maybe they'll call me over next time they have one of their big parties to entertain. God i love this stuff.

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very cool..Yeah that first feeling of someoe watching you is a little eerie. You feel like you cant make a mistake or youll come out looking like an ass, or worse you will misrepresent the art. That first time you HAVE someone thats more than casually interested is a great feeling, and whenyou get onlookers that have never really seen it before, thats even better. How do they know if you just began, or youre the best. For all they know, a butterfly is a difficulty of 15 on a scale of 1-10, and their neighbor has mastered it...hee heeThat adrenaline dump will give you weak knees everytime. awesome Naganooch...smoochie boochie noochies...Superman------------------"When a Man Lies He Murders Some Part of the World These Are the PaleDeaths Which Men Miscall Their Lives All this I Cannot Bear to Witness Any Longer Cannot the Kingdom of Salvation Take Me Home"[This message has been edited by Superman (edited 07 September 2001).]

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I am really really happy for u Naganootch,
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I know what you mean, what an adrenalin trip !!!keep spinningshine oncassandra

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