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Posted:Hello all!
As you might have guessed form the thread title; I'm running a Beginners Staff Course...

The course is designed for those who may or may not have picked up a staff before, but want to learn how to swing one!

It will cover everything you need to know to twirl/swing/spin, confidently, capably and safely. Covering all aspects: basic/intermediate moves (as well as some more challenging moves), how to move with your staff, linking moves, how to develop your own moves/style and fire safety.

The lessons will run over 6 weeks (weekends) for 2 hours in a Central London location.

I've developed the course with help from Michal who runs the "Apex Poi Courses" - if you know, or have heard, what her courses are like - this course will be quite similar in structure and approach.

For a bit of background: I have been twirling for over 6 years now. I have taught fire twirling in US Summer Camps for 3 years (kids from 14-17: from nothing to a show in under 3 weeks!), and am now 'making a living' twirling.

If you need further "quality assurance" I'm sure that Glass, Tempest, BamBam, PK (what's he called now?), DarkFairyQueen, Carrey, Dom etc... will vouch for my teaching abilities.

So if you'd like to attend, please let me know as soon as possible - class size is limited to 13 people (max!) - either by e-mail or phone (below).

and, erm....that's my blag over!

David Knox
mobs: 07748 11 888 2

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Posted:yes yes yes

(i've emailed you already)

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Posted:You haven't told us how much you're charging... otherwise a very thorough run down.

Would I need to purchase a staff, or will a broomstick do?!


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Posted:Learning staff from Dave is like learning chess from a grand master and painting from Van Gogh.

That recomendation do? Oh, for the ladies, he's also a bit good looking.

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Posted:hee hee
I too have emailed you. staff master!
looking forward to gettin down in dirty with some staff moves.

stay smilin


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Yes yes...I forgot to put the cost...

I'm pricing the course at 40 quid with concessions for unemployed and students (will need proof/ID though).

I will be making practice staffs for the class, so you can BYO, but I should have enough to go around.

Hope that's cool!

See y'all at PiP!!



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Posted:could i come play please???
ive sent you an email asking. . pretty much the same thing.

i think my broomsticks conspiring against me

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Posted:And you'll be in scotland to teach Dibs to staff when Mr,Knox??????!!! Hmmm?!!!

Can't make it to London for then, I'm working. In Medina. free drinks for you when you're next there!

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Posted:Hi hi...

Just a quick note to say that the class is now full.

Sorry to those who couldn't/can't join up; I'll be starting another course in 6-8 weeks.